Hack Different

The Other Apple Developer Program...


A community built around all jailbreaks, reverse engineering and security for Apple products. It was created by the core checkra1n team but is owned by the community (in part due to checkm8 being a useful tool for research for years to come).

The Discord Server

Join the Discord Server - HOWTO: Add GitHub to your Discord profile

Hacky - The Poor Man’s Jarvis

Hacky is our snarky bot for the Discord server. It is open source, documented at https://bot.hackdiffe.rent and the code is hosted at hack-different/hacky-bot.


Writing out some rules:

  1. Use common sense and behave yourself.
  2. No “drama” (i.e. arguments that do not seek a solution).
  3. This is NOT a jailbreak support server. Do not ask for customer support here.
  4. This should be obvious, but no dealing with illegal material here.
  5. Do not ask for ETA.
  6. Do not ask for iCloud lock bypass.
  7. If an admin or mod asks you to change your behaviour, don’t make them ask twice.

Violations may result in either a polite warning, a kick, or a ban at the team’s discretion

Apple Knowledge

Access the Knowledge

Fork and PR

The Apple Knowledge documentation project is a repository of writeups and knowledge for Apple hardware and software. Pull requests are accepted and reviewed by core team and #Legit members.

Homebrew Tap

We maintain a brew tap of jailbreak specific tools.

Taping is quick and easy with brew tap hack-different/jailbreak

Information about the tap can be found at hack-different/homebrew-jailbreak and is documented at tap.hackdiffe.rent